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Time switches - Mechanical and Digital, In Wall and Spring Wound, Weatherproof In Use Covers, Photo Controls, Transformers, Landscape Lighting, HID Lighting, Pool & Spa Controls, and Malibu Lighting System

AC Disconnects, RV-Mobile Home Pedestals, Power Outlets, Safety Sockets, Industrial Enclosures & Commercial  Meter Pedestals.

Switches and Controls from Numerous Manufacturers including Micro Switch, Eaton, NKK, ITW, Carlingswitch, Potter & Brumfield, Cleaners & Chemicals from Chemtronics and CRC, as well as Batteries and Flashlights from Duracell Procell.

Bare Copper, XHHW-2, XLP-USE-2, THW-2, SEU, SER, Trolley Wire, Tray and Power Cables, Aerial Cables, Pump and Irrigation Cables, Cathodic Protection Cable, Interlocked Armor Cable, Feeder MC, VFD Cable, and Photovoltaic Cable.